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We at Barbara Kennelly Associates take pride in sharing a professional and technical expertise that allows us to be effective advocates for clients seeking to petition our government.  Our combined legislative service has provided us with an invaluable base of experience to draw from as we advocate for our clients. 


Former Congresswoman Barbara Kennelly’s stature and key Congressional relationships are the base upon which the firm is built.  A pioneer in women advancing through the leadership ranks, she has retained and nurtured a robust legislative network.  Barbara was actively involved in the last major tax reform to pass through the House Ways and Means Committee in 1986, and has a deep understanding of the complexities Congress will confront when it again takes up tax reform.  Barbara has also spent much of her career in the Social Security and health fields, participating in critical healthcare policy debates and helping shape legislative initiatives.  


Maria Freese has a deep background in retirement policy and extensive experience building coalitions that reinforce direct lobbying initiatives.  Terry Freese's long history with the appropriations process and the defense industry provide an additional dimension to the firm's capabilities.  


There is no better guide to take clients through the legislative landscape than Barbara Kennelly Associates.  Our extensive involvement in important policy debates over the years allows us to develop innovative solutions to client needs that only experienced architects of public policy can provide.  Our commitment to excellence, individualized personal service and our dedication to the advancement of our client’s needs make Barbara Kennelly Associates a dependable partner and guide through the maze that is the Congressional process. 

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